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Chairman’s Message  

We are aiming at those well-rounded personas, a separate class of individuals, who will gradually turn into a superior batch of professionals, churning oceans of revolution. Existing in a world where only the survival of the fittest is possible, we at DAV Centenary Public School, Kuteshwar, are re-defining a ‘fit’ individual and teaching him, not barely how to survive, but to ‘live’ and enjoy a wholesome life.. The Students of this school will be known for what they really are and not by their percentiles alone. They will be well-equipped and armed to take on the vast & challenging world with their positive outlook and resourceful endeavours. 
We have made ‘Dreams transfer into thoughts’ and are striving to make the ‘thoughts result in action’. Towards the commitment and realization of our dreams, we have made the school a breeding ground of innovation. Children carry seeds of creativity in them and the school provides them a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse. A culture of enquiry is integrated in them. Air and water are given to their imagination. We focus on thinking skills, competence and multidimensional work-skills, inculcating humanity and value education, promoting physical education, environmental education and life skills education by giving them new sets of eyes, new vision.  
Our students are on the brink of ‘take off’ to become globally competitive. By moving away from stereotype of rote-learning, roadblocks of surface learning, we propel and ignite their thoughts and processes and bring transformation and changes, as there can be no progress without the courage to change. Though there are always risks in changing, but the risk of failing to change, is much greater.

Let us revisit the fable of the tortoise and the hare. The race has to be run again. It is the-fast-,innovative&steady.

Anirudh Sharma
Chairman, LMC